The Case for Characters



Many science fiction authors like yours truly try to make their characters come alive in books, and now social media. Now that might be hard to digest, a fictional character tweeting, messaging, or sending an e-mail in the real world. I originally was opposed to it when a fellow author did the same. Isn’t it just me (the author) talking through him? No, its not. People don’t realize what goes on in author’s minds. It’s not me talking through him, its my character’s personality that I created talking through me as a kind of middleman to the outside world. Obviously fictional characters aren’t real in a tangible way, but I try to make them as round and “real” as possible whether its in the pages of a book or on a social media site. 


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Does/Should Science Fiction have “limits?”


On Saturday I was browsing through the Space Opera section of Amazon looking for a free novel to satisfy my space sci-fi fetish. After a purchase or two I ended up looking at a novel for $2.99 that had a shall I say “interesting” cover photo that well the aspect ratio was landscape instead of portrait. Anywho, the cover interested me even though the book had two stars. I mean sometimes people can be a bit harsh if they don’t like it. I read the summary and it sounded a bit jumbled for a book for $2.99, but out of curiosity I wanted to see what the people who bought it had to say. The most reoccurring theme was, “it went past the limits of science fiction.” That made me pause and think, “Since when did Science Fiction have limits?” The complaints were 1) Aliens promised the ability to communicate faster than light 2) You could think of something and it would be built no matter how big. To me one isn’t stretching it as bad as number two. Now good readers do YOU think Science Fiction should have limits or does it already?

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Successes, Failures, and everything in between

As an author and blogger I have made many decisions good and bad in terms of promoting, creating, or designing different projects. I have witnessed how much I like website designs over or I have seen how much people hate Comic Sans or other weird fonts. I have seen many things especially how a well designed website goes a long way. Also social media is big too. With my blogs their FB pages are dormant but my book page’s Twitter and FB are very active. I have also seen how Google + is not really a good place to sit at. Some sites don’t need Facebook pages to be successful. For example: my tech site after a year with little social media help (less than 1% of my views come from social media) has 26,000 + page views and still reaps about 71 views a day. Could it be better? Heck ya. It could be at 100,000 right now if I actively tended to it, had a better social media campaign, and maybe had some more writers it would be able to be a nice cash cow. I could even get some free test products so I could do YouTube videos. I could be a minor player in a big game. So why don’t I invest in it? Time, school, and life invades my time so I am forced to spend more time on other projects. On the other side of the spectrum I have seen my book blog make an epic fail. Over a year old with 302 views that is Horrible. Why? It has about 5 or 6 posts compared to 71 on Tech Gone Wild. What have I done? Converted to the modern standard of reviewing books. Has it helped? Not really so far but I am learning. My prize project my book hasn’t really done much. I have heard the term a slow boil but it has been boiling a long time. So far sales are super low compared to how many times it has been previewed. So what am I going to do? Revise the entire book. After getting some people to read the book they said it needed some love no bias. Do I think it will help? Pretty sure it will. So what am I trying to say? Don’t be depressed if you “flop” at first. Just pick yourself back up and try try again.

this is a great book!

The Planning Stages

So far I have not updated the website very much, or my other social media sites. Here at my HQ I decided to say that I will not be doing much until the launch of Windows 8 and some other key events I am looking forward too. Most of my projects are in the planning stages and will be announced.

  • The Haunted Hoax Project – A book written by Mr. Harry Mcginnis which I am the social media manager of.
  • Stop Motion studio – I am still trying to figure out a name for it because I was going to call it The Big Thing Studios but it feels redundant and there is already an indie video company called Big Thing Studio.
  • Fireplace Chat – my book blog which is rarely updated and in need of a new vision. Site views are extremely low, and I have not put much time and energy into it.
  • Tech Gone Wild – my largest project to date which so far has done me the best luck. I am planning some new articles in my The History and Windows 8 app reviews sub division because they have the most promise. I will do a review of Windows 8 itself and hopefully Jelly Bean and some other Mobile OS.
  • Animal Conflict Series – I am still writing my first book which is almost done and will be launching Facebook, Twitter, Goodreader, and Google + pages. I am very excited about it and will be publishing through Smashwords and a paperback will be available through Lulu temporarily.
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