Successes, Failures, and everything in between

As an author and blogger I have made many decisions good and bad in terms of promoting, creating, or designing different projects. I have witnessed how much I like website designs over or I have seen how much people hate Comic Sans or other weird fonts. I have seen many things especially how a well designed website goes a long way. Also social media is big too. With my blogs their FB pages are dormant but my book page’s Twitter and FB are very active. I have also seen how Google + is not really a good place to sit at. Some sites don’t need Facebook pages to be successful. For example: my tech site after a year with little social media help (less than 1% of my views come from social media) has 26,000 + page views and still reaps about 71 views a day. Could it be better? Heck ya. It could be at 100,000 right now if I actively tended to it, had a better social media campaign, and maybe had some more writers it would be able to be a nice cash cow. I could even get some free test products so I could do YouTube videos. I could be a minor player in a big game. So why don’t I invest in it? Time, school, and life invades my time so I am forced to spend more time on other projects. On the other side of the spectrum I have seen my book blog make an epic fail. Over a year old with 302 views that is Horrible. Why? It has about 5 or 6 posts compared to 71 on Tech Gone Wild. What have I done? Converted to the modern standard of reviewing books. Has it helped? Not really so far but I am learning. My prize project my book hasn’t really done much. I have heard the term a slow boil but it has been boiling a long time. So far sales are super low compared to how many times it has been previewed. So what am I going to do? Revise the entire book. After getting some people to read the book they said it needed some love no bias. Do I think it will help? Pretty sure it will. So what am I trying to say? Don’t be depressed if you “flop” at first. Just pick yourself back up and try try again.


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