Personal Projects

The Big Thing Studio is the hub of all of my projects. I am Ezekiel Jonathan Carsella a young teenager who is the founder of 2 blogs, stop motion studio, and an upcoming book series. No I do not do app development (yet) Turbo Custom Apps a subsidy of The Big Thing Studios does do app development for Windows or graphic designing. I will do articles for your blogs and websites on almost anything except home improvement. Below are my personal projects.

    •  (Tech Gone Wild) – My secondary project and so far my most successful. With the tech blogging market already crowded I had little chance to grow. Now I am at 37,000 and counting in pageviews and am employing 3 writers. I am already on Facebook and Google+ with a small following. I mainly do Windows 8 App reviews, OS reviews (more to come soon), and a new section is being made compiled of high quality dense articles on the history of certain products like ultrabooks, tablets, gaming laptops, smartphones, etc.
    •   (Animal Conflict Series) – My book series which is my biggest priority. So far I have not made my books known outside of my website, but I plan on full social expansion when I am almost finished my first book.
    •  (Norwegian Grandpa Productions) My favorite hobby for a long time, and I am looking to turn it big time. So far I only have two stop motion videos and some other things. I plan to make an exclusive channel with matching social media pages. Currently I am filming in 240p – 480p at 10fps. I plan to be stepping up to 1080p at 10fps. I plan on making stop motion tutorials at the start which is what I have already done with narration thanks to Windows Movie Maker 2013 and start mini movies next year. I will not be taking requests anytime in the near future though.

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