Below is our current and pending projects and more about them. For First 2 and last one please refer to the About me page.

  • (active) – Book ‘N Tech
  • (active) – Animal Conflict Series
  • (active) – The Haunted Hoax
  • (active) – Slichenmyer
  • (inactive) – Norwegian Grandpa Productions
  • (inactive) – Stop Motion Studio
  • (inactive) – The Isa Project

Books ‘N Tech – My most successful project so far with 37,000 + page views and HQ articles on tech stuff, and now books.

Animal Conflict Series – My book series that I recently published with The Big Thing Studios (more on that in the blog) is fully suited with social media and website. The book is available at: Smashwords, Kindle, and Amazon/Createspace for print. Expanded distribution is coming along with a complete plot overhaul. The author (me) is available for interviews anytime just e-mail.

The Haunted Hoax – Author and student at Spartanburg Christian Academy Harrison Mcginnis is a true author at heart and loves photography. His first novel is called The Haunted Hoax available on Lulu and soon Smashwords and other venues. Currently social media is limited with only a Google + page and the author’s personal Twitter.   Not very much else has been added to this project being indie and all but we should have a book on Smashwords soon. Website

Slichenmyer UX test – A friend of mine has a very informative blog/website about Microsoft Next/Research and other cool things happening about Microsoft. As a student of coding he is working to make a cool website that is user friendly. Website

Norwegian Grandpa Productions – My personal studio where I do how to-s on stop motion and short 2 – 5 minute movies.

The Isa Project – A new special project suggested by a friend to help the world get healthier! More to come in the following weeks.


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