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The Planning Stages

So far I have not updated the website very much, or my other social media sites. Here at my HQ I decided to say that I will not be doing much until the launch of Windows 8 and some other key events I am looking forward too. Most of my projects are in the planning stages and will be announced.

  • The Haunted Hoax Project – A book written by Mr. Harry Mcginnis which I am the social media manager of.
  • Stop Motion studio – I am still trying to figure out a name for it because I was going to call it The Big Thing Studios but it feels redundant and there is already an indie video company called Big Thing Studio.
  • Fireplace Chat – my book blog which is rarely updated and in need of a new vision. Site views are extremely low, and I have not put much time and energy into it.
  • Tech Gone Wild – my largest project to date which so far has done me the best luck. I am planning some new articles in my The History and Windows 8 app reviews sub division because they have the most promise. I will do a review of Windows 8 itself and hopefully Jelly Bean and some other Mobile OS.
  • Animal Conflict Series – I am still writing my first book which is almost done and will be launching Facebook, Twitter, Goodreader, and Google + pages. I am very excited about it and will be publishing through Smashwords and a paperback will be available through Lulu temporarily.
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